We're Dreaming Of A Green Christmas



 2020... not quite the year we all had in mind, and with its many restrictions effecting all of us in one way or another it's been a year of challenges and change. Some of the biggest changes can clearly be seen in the nightlife & hospitality industries as well as on the high street.

With many shoppers now hanging up their shopping bags and opting to fill their carts, it's seen a huge increase in sales for the online big boys like Amazon but leaving the independent sellers with minimal marketing budgets at the bottom of the google list. 

This is why it's more important than ever that we start shopping mindfully and showing support for the local, independent sellers out there who are utilising their talents to create ethical products or taking their time to source sustainable and ethically produced items from around the globe. It's a shift that I'm sure we would all like to see and if you haven't started yet, then what better time to start shopping more consciously than in lockdown on the lead up to Christmas?

To help with your search, Rare Birds Market have created a new online nest to provide a platform for independent ethical sellers to promote their products. All items on the site are either sustainable, ethically made or ethically sourced so that you can shop with the assurance that they have been created fairly with a kind approach to our planet and society. That means no fast fashion, no sweat shops and no underpaid workers... and with the extra added bonus that you can find unique gifts made with love that have not been mass produced.

Head on over to Rare Birds Marketplace to start your mindful shopping journey. 



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