Spiral Vortex Amberlights
Spiral Vortex Amberlights
Spiral Vortex Amberlights
Spiral Vortex Amberlights
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Spiral Vortex

This Spiral Vortex is made up of eleven pentagon panels displaying light and shadow in a new projection of 3dimmensionl space. There is two of this design, this one is the pink effect, the other is more green/blue. The same repeated pattern radiates all the way through, creating a true magic aura. This lamp is made from sustainable wood, stained with a rich chocolate finish.



The brilliant colours that project from the lamps are accentuated by their setting within the lamp it’s self and your chosen space influences the colour shift, which you will enjoy. We use a twisted vintage cable to power each lamp with switch - all of which operate on low energy, environmentally friendly bulbs.

Wooden base


Height: 27 cm


Width: 23 x 23 cm


Bulb type: LED (low energy)


Here in the UK, we run on 220 volts. Not all countries work the same. This is not a big issue as we supply the correct plug and bulb fittings globally, just bare this in mind if it's a gift.

Each lamp is made to order unless states READY TO SHIP which usually takes 7-12 day to complete

Free shipping to all UK customers, next day delivery. International shipping by DHL taking 2-4 working days.

Please could you send us your email and contact telephone number once you have ordered the lamp as this is a requirement for the postal service

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